I am learning how to host a Django app with Google App Engine. Following the instructions in the official tutorial tutorial, I encountered a problem after creating a Cloud SQL instance. It says to type gcloud sql instances describe [YOUR_INSTANCE_NAME] at the command line. When I do so, I get the following error:

$ gcloud sql instances describe django-polls-184415:us-west1:polls
ERROR: (gcloud.sql.instances.describe) Instance names cannot contain the ':' character. If you meant to indicate the
project for [polls], use only 'polls' for the argument, and either add
'--project django-polls-184415:us-west1' to the command line or first run
  $ gcloud config set project django-polls-184415:us-west1

So I do exactly what the error message says:

$ gcloud config set project django-polls-184415:us-west1          
Updated property [core/project].
$ gcloud sql instances describe polls
ERROR: (gcloud.sql.instances.describe) HTTPError 403: The client is not authorized to make this request.

I am completely stuck here. I will work on this some more in the morning. If anyone has any suggestions please tweet me.