I am unsatisfied with the directory structure of my Django project. First of all, I want something that is more friendly to work with in IntelliJ IDEA. This means having separate src and test directories, which is just a good habit anyway. Right now, I have a single tests.py file with my tests which lives next to the implementation files for my Django app.

This morning I attempted to rearrange the directory structure. I seemed to have messed it all up. I can run the server, but when I navigate to one of my end points, I get an error about a missing database table. Then when I run python manage.py makemigrations, I get a message that everything is up to date. (My apologies for not having the exact wording available at this moment.) I still get the same error if I delete the entire migrations folder.

I don’t understand why I can’t build my migrations anew. I am out of time this morning, so I will have to work on it tomorrow.