Today I started working through the Django polls app tutorial. My progress so far is on my GitHub in the django-polls repo. My goal is to create a web-based app that compliments my Baseball Card Tracker app for Android. The first step is to create a REST API for the baseball card data.

The past two days I struggled with setting up the domain for this blog. I finally tracked it down to some erroneous DNS settings. Hopefully I fixed it and the site will be stable in the future.

Since I started this on the weekend, finding time for the first two days of the challenge has been fairly easy. The only problem is that I have not set a specific time for this activity, yet. I am pretty busy during the week, so I am trying to find a regular time that I can sit and code every day. I am leaning towards doing it early in the morning before getting ready to go to work. Trying to do this in the evenings seems more likely to fail since I often have other activities already planned most weeknights.

My goal is to get up an hour and a half earlier than usual tomorrow morning to code and blog about it. I am making this commitment more public so that I have some stronger motivation to follow through.